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Trex Decking: An Innovative Choice for Your Ideal Deck

Trex decking is a popular choice for homeowners looking for an easy-to-maintain deck surface that mimics the wood-like grain pattern of traditional wood decking. With its luxury colors and luxurious multi-tonal grain patterns, Trex decking offers a high level of performance and durability that surpasses pressure-treated lumber.
We love bringing your custom deck design ideas to life using Trex deck boards for all those reasons.

Photo of a deck made with Trex composite decking with deck railing and deck stairs.

What Makes Trex Decking Special?

Trex revolutionized deck building in the United States when Roger Wittenberg combined recycled plastic bags and wood fibers to create a composite decking material, paving the way for sustainable, low-maintenance outdoor living spaces.

Trex is a superior decking product. Period. As one Ohio couple told us, they learned their lesson about using wood after their deck deteriorated much quicker than they thought it should. They chose Trex for their new one.

Wood decks take a beating during Ohio’s winters, which can see mild temperatures one day and freezing rain the next, followed by a snowstorm and high winds.

Where a wood deck can last 15 to 25 years, Trex offers warranties for up to 50 years. When you build your deck with Trex, you will never need to replace it. You might want to add features, but you will not need to replace the deck.

If you are looking for an easy-to-maintain, wood-like grain pattern with vibrant colors for your deck, look to Trex.

Trex Deck Boards, Features, and Colors

Photo of a custom composite deck with multi-colored Trex deck boards arranged in a pattern.

Trex decking offers a vast selection of color and material options. Trex composite decking uses carefully engineered materials to ensure durability and longevity.

This makes it an ideal outdoor living solution that can withstand the elements in Ohio. Moreover, Trex decking mimics the look of natural wood grain, adding an organic feel to deck designs and enhancing the beauty of the outdoor space.

Trex composite deck boards offer distinct advantages across their product lines, making them a popular choice for homeowners and builders alike. Here’s a breakdown of the benefits, focusing on the unique advantages of each of the five Trex lines, along with the available Trex decking colors:

Trex Signature (Luxury)

Most scratch-resistant and high-end Trex decking comes with a 50-year warranty.

  • High Durability: Engineered for maximum scratch resistance, suitable for high-traffic areas and homes with pets.
  • Premium Aesthetics: Offers an upscale look that can significantly enhance the beauty and value of any outdoor living space.
  • Longevity: It is built to last with materials that withstand harsh weather conditions, ensuring a long lifespan with minimal fading or degradation.
  • Color Choices: Whidbey (variated gray hues reminiscent of the misty cliffs of Whidbey Island in Washington State) and Ocracoke (medium brown shade inspired by the secluded island of Ocracoke, NC, with its sandy dunes)

Trex Transcend Lineage (Premium)

Uses heat-mitigating technology for superior durability and scratch resistance with a 50-year warranty.

  • Heat Mitigation: Features technology that reduces heat absorption, making decks more comfortable walking on hot days.
  • Enhanced Scratch Resistance: Offers improved resistance to scratches, making it ideal for areas of frequent use or heavy furniture.
    Rich Colors and
  • Aesthetics: Provides a range of vibrant, long-lasting colors with deep wood grain patterns, elevating the look of outdoor spaces.
  • Color Choices: Biscayne (light coastal brown), Rainier (airy mountain grey), Carmel (soft creamy taupe), Jasper (deep mocha), and Island Mist (cool silver).

Trex Transcend (Best)

Deep wood grain pattern and the widest range of rich colors backed by a 50-year warranty.

  • Deep Wood Grain Pattern: This pattern mimics the look and feel of real wood, providing the natural beauty of hardwood without all the maintenance.
  • Durability: It is resistant to fading, staining, mold, and scratches, ensuring the deck remains beautiful for years.
  • Wide Range of Colors: This line offers a wide selection, allowing for greater customization and creativity in deck designs: Havana Gold (warm brown), Island Mist (cool silver), Lava Rock (reddish black), Spiced Rum (burnt umber), Tiki Torch (light brown), and Rope Swing (sandy taupe).

Trex Select (Better)

Subtle wood grain with a balance of price and performance supported by a 35-year warranty.

  • Balances Price and Performance: It offers a high-quality decking solution at a more accessible price point, making it excellent value for money.
  • Subtle Grain Pattern: This product provides a pleasing look with a softer, subtler grain pattern that complements various home styles.
  • Minimal Maintenance: Like all Trex products, it requires minimal upkeep compared to wood decking, saving time and money over the life of your deck.
  • Color Choices: Pebble Grey (light heather grey) and Saddle (medium brown).

Trex Enhance (Good)

Trex’s most affordable line features lightweight scalloped boards and a 25-year warranty.

  • Cost-Effective: The most affordable option in the Trex lineup, making it an excellent choice for budget-conscious homeowners.
  • Lightweight Design: These boards feature a scalloped profile on the bottom, reducing their overall weight and making them easier to handle.
  • Environmental Sustainability: Made from 95% recycled materials, it offers an eco-friendly decking solution without sacrificing quality or durability.
  • Natural Color Choices: Foggy Wharf (dark silver grey), Rocky Harbor (rustic slate grey), Toasted Sand (tawny seashell brown), and Coastal Bluff (multi-tonal)
  • Basic Color Choices: Beach Dune (light brown), Saddle (medium brown), and Clam Shell (medium grey)

Trex Composite Decking Ideas for Your Outdoor Living Environment

When you are ready to create a masterpiece in your backyard, a deck designer will help capture your vision into a workable plan so our deck builders can bring your dream project to life.

Deck Styles to Consider

When we think of the Trex composite decking boards available, the colors, the shape of your yard, the slope of your property, your home’s architectural style, and your preferences, there are unlimited design possibilities, but we will share a few to give you a sense of what you can build:

Photo of a wrap-around, elevated deck.
  • Elevated Deck: Stands above ground level, offering a great view of the surroundings. Maximizes outdoor space and provides an unobstructed view, ideal for scenic locations.
  • Multi-Level Deck: This deck features several tiers at different heights, connected by steps or pathways. It creates distinct areas for various activities, enhancing functionality and design appeal.
  • Curved Deck: Incorporates rounded edges or circular sections for a unique, flowing design. Offers a visually striking aesthetic and can contour around landscaping features or structures.
  • Classic Deck with a Pergola: Combines a traditional deck design with a pergola structure for shade. Provides a perfect balance of sun and shade, adding architectural interest and comfort.
  • Screened-In Porch: An enclosed deck area with screened walls, usually attached to the house. Porches allow for bug-free outdoor enjoyment, extending the deck’s usability across seasons.

Outdoor Living Features to Add

Enhance your new deck with these deck accessories and features:

  • Built-in Seating: Incorporate benches or banquettes for ample and stylish seating.
  • Outdoor Kitchen: Equip your deck with an outdoor kitchen with a grill, countertops, and storage for alfresco dining.
  • Fire Pit or Fireplace: Add warmth and ambiance, making your deck ideal for evening gatherings.
  • Lighting: Install ambient lighting for aesthetics and safety, extending deck usability into the night.

When You Want a Deck, You Want A Hen-House Deck

Your dream Trex deck begins with a consultation and estimate. Let’s work together to craft the outdoor living environment you have been waiting for all this time. Contact us today.