High-Quality, Custom-Crafted Composite Decks from Hen-House Decks

Not all decks withstand the test of time and look as beautiful as they did on installation day. When you work with Hen-House Decks, you’re not just getting a deck. You’re getting a positive, memorable experience from a team of creative and passionate deck artisans and builders in the Ohio area.

You may have had a professional build a stunning deck for you many years ago, but what happens when it looks worse for wear? Hen-House Decks provides deck remodeling and resurfacing in Ohio, and can help breathe new life into your unsafe, unsightly, and worn existing deck. You may not need to tear everything down and start fresh and can get a stunning new look that you won’t find anywhere else.

Our expert deck contractors, Andy and Adam, will listen to your needs and exceed all expectations.

If you think you can save your old deck, let us help. We’ll perform an assessment and offer our honest opinion on the next best steps, never selling you something you do not need or compromising safety. Your dream deck is achievable when you get in touch with Hen-House Decks Ohio!

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Deck Remodeling and Resurfacing for Beautiful Results

Decks experience a lot of wear and foot traffic, leading to a run-down appearance and unsafe structure. Hen-House Decks offers transparent deck remodeling and resurfacing in Ohio and never cuts corners on quality, safety, and stability. If a deck is salvageable, we will do everything in our power to make it better than ever.

Whether it’s putting in a new deck frame or redoing the surface to be safer and non-slip, our skilled contractors have your back. Decks are what we do best, and creating results that blow our clients away is something we achieve every day.

We have the right knowledge and 12+ years of experience building, learning about, and working on all kinds of decks. The safety of our clients comes before anything else, and we achieve gorgeous custom deck results while maintaining a stable and sturdy environment. If you want a trusted, award-winning business to craft the deck you’ve always dreamed about, there’s only one name to call: Hen-House Decks.

By working with us, rather than your run-of-the-mill contractor, you know you’re getting a deck resulting from hard work. Since decks are all we do, we’ve become experts in the industry and are proud to share our work with clients who deserve the best.

Benefits of Working with Hen-House Decks

Here’s why numerous Ohio residents choose Hen-House Decks to build and remodel their decks:

  • Unmatched craftsmanship and care with every deck
  • Member of NADRA (North America Deck & Railing Association)
  • Verification of deck safety, quality, and beauty
  • Outside-the-box deck ideas and inspirations
  • Customer satisfaction guarantee
  • Positive community reputation and commitment to giving back
  • Countless client reviews

How Deck Remodeling and Resurfacing Can Transform Your Deck

Instead of throwing away good parts of your deck, consider deck remodeling and resurfacing for the following benefits:

Add Railings, Lighting, and Custom Walls

During the remodel or resurfacing, you can make your deck even better. After ensuring its safety, structure, and stability, you can add elements to your deck that you didn’t have before. When you save money by remodeling, you can spend it on fun features like custom walls and lighting. 

Increase Your Deck’s Lifespan

Make your deck lasts longer with deck remodeling and resurfacing. Since Hen-House Decks builds decks that last, you know your deck will last a lifetime and allow you to make many memories. We’ll also make recommendations on what you can do to help your deck last longer. 

Revive Your Outdoor Gathering Area

If you’d like to resurface your deck and give it new life, that’s not a problem for Hen-House Decks. You don’t have to miss your favorite outdoor space any longer when we get to work. Add valuable space back to your home by making your deck usable and beautiful once again.

Enjoy a Place for Grilling

What better place is there to grill than your deck? Before you can have fun with family and friends, you need a place that can hold everyone and is safe to entertain on. Our team can add railings, connected seating, or a unique shape deck to hold all of your loved ones (such as a rounded deck).

Keep What You Can

Getting a brand-new deck means starting from scratch, but with remodeling and resurfacing, you can save some of your old deck. Pieces that are in good condition and safe will work with the new materials.

See the Hen-House Decks Difference with Our Ohio Team Today

Hen-House Decks can provide top-notch deck remodeling and resurfacing in Ohio, unlike anything you’ve ever seen. We take time to use superior, long-lasting decking material and customize your deck to your exact liking because it’s not just a deck, it’s a Hen-House Deck!

Request a free estimate to get started with your next deck project. We have a wide range of customization options and ways to make your deck uniquely your own.