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It’s no secret that we really like talking about decks in these blogs. What we haven’t talked a lot about is a deck covering or deck roofs. This area gets a comfortable mixture of weather including bright, sunny days. Having a covering or roof of some kind gives you the freedom to use your deck in all kinds of weather instead of being stuck inside. Here are three deck covers that will get you back outdoors!

Screen-In Areas: Do you enjoy being outside but want more of a secluded spot? A screened-in area is a perfect alternative! You have the benefits of the roof as well as the screen which not only keeps weather off the deck, but it keeps out bugs and wildlife as well.

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Partially-Covered: What if you still like the idea of the sun coming through, but you just want to deflect it a little bit? You can choose from a pergola style roof, shade canopy, or other similar styles. Usually, they’re a thinner material or they’re more open to provide a little bit of shade without making the deck feel like an additional room.

Utilize the Space Below: One of the best things about a second-story deck is being able to use the space underneath. If you want to keep your deck completely open, but still want a covered outdoor area, set it up underneath! The deck can be finished specifically so the bottom is actually the roof of the area underneath. What’s even better is that space won’t be, at all, wasted.

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Bonus! Add Some Heat: Just because it’s getting cooler out doesn’t mean your deck should be abandoned. Instead of dragging out blankets, set up an outdoor heater of some kind. With the proper ventilation, this could be a fire pit, whether it’s manual or self-starting, a fireplace, heat lamps, and more.