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Some of the main pillars of Hen-House Decks are family and community. We bring these together during our building projects as well as in our free time to showcase how important they are to our close-knit team. Our community involvement extends to several different projects and charities all with the goal of helping others. 

Hen-House Decks is a proud sponsor of a local youth softball league, but our involvement doesn’t stop there. Owner Andy Henley also coaches one of the teams not for personal gain but because he genuinely loves watching kids learn and grow through sports. Our entire team is happy to contribute to this effort because it’s one of the best ways for children throughout our community to have an outlet, stay active, and have fun. 

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circle icon Hen-House DecksAlexis Henley Scholarship

Awarding Local Highschool Graduates

We are proud to support our community’s youngest children as well as the young adults who are about to set off and make a difference in the world. Hen-House Decks and other community leaders donate to the Alexis Henley Scholarship, which is awarded to a graduating high school senior each year. This scholarship is in honor of Andy Henley’s late sister, who continues to leave a mark in the community through her family’s ongoing efforts. 

Our community involvement extends to Alexis’ Pantry, another local project in honor of Alexis Henley. We never want to see anyone in our community go hungry so Hen-House Decks supports this cause by donating non-perishable food items to a secure cabinet located outside of the State Farm office building. Alexis’ Pantry is a safe and easy way for those struggling and hungry to access food at no cost. 

circle icon Hen-House DecksAlexis’ Pantry

Allowing access to food at no cost

We are happy to give back to this cause by supplying various food items that can serve underprivileged individuals and families. Hen-House Decks believes that everyone should have access to food and supporting Alexis’ Pantry is one small way we can give back to those around us in need. We are always looking for ways to grow in our community and seek new ways to help others. 
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