MoistureShield Decking

MoistureShield decking has emerged in the outdoor living space industry in recent years. This brand provides composite decking boards that meet a number of needs, including durability, aesthetic appeal, and sustainability. These products have advanced features and boast an impressive warranty of up to 50 years, making them an excellent choice for your custom deck.

MoistureShield Key Features and Benefits

photo of an elevated deck with railing and in-step lighting constructed with MoistureShield decking products.

MoistureShield gets its name from its composite decking products’ key moisture-resistant and waterproof properties. These products offer several innovative features and benefits that give homeowners remarkable value.

Solid Core Technology

Solid Core Technology, central to MoistureShield’s decking products, provides a high level of protection for your deck. This unique manufacturing process involves encasing wood fibers in plastic, creating an impermeable barrier that protects against moisture, rot, decay, and insect damage.

This means these boards can be installed on the ground, in the ground, or underwater without worrying about potential structural issues. They will maintain their integrity even after cutting.
What’s impressive about Solid Core Technology is its proven track record with zero structural field failures in over 30 years.

CoolDeck Technology

The CoolDeck Technology is designed to significantly reduce heat absorption by up to 35% compared to traditional capped wood-plastic composites. It’s nice to have a comfortable surface to walk on, even under the direct sun’s rays. It also offers resistance to sunlight, safeguarding the deck from extreme heat and ensuring it’s safe and comfortable for barefoot use.

This feature enhances select colors in the Vision and Meridian product lines, adding an extra layer of appeal for homeowners seeking comfort and style. CoolDeck Technology improves your deck’s look and boosts the overall user experience with MoistureShield’s decking products.


MoistureShield’s commitment to green building principles is evident in its conservation initiatives and its products’ significant sustainability benefits.

MoistureShield decking boards are made of 95% recycled materials. This decreases their environmental footprint and contributes to a notable reduction in waste. The significant amount of pre- and post-consumer recycled content truly underscores their dedication to conserving resources.

Using these materials also helps prevent the unnecessary cutting of new trees, furthering MoistureShield’s respect for nature. Their products can help builders achieve points in green rating systems like LEED.

Fade & Stain Protection

MoistureShield provides unrivaled fade and stain protection. The DiamondDefense coating and protective cap on MoistureShield boards deliver top-notch UV resistance, effectively defending against fade and stain for up to 50 years.

Maintaining a MoistureShield deck couldn’t be simpler. Regular cleaning with mild soap and water is all your deck needs. The durability of MoistureShield products consistently outperforms real hardwood decks.

MoistureShield Decking Product Lines

Photo of an elevated deck built with Moistureshield decking materials.

MoistureShield’s composite deck board product lines are designed to meet diverse aesthetic preferences and budgets. The company’s composite decking materials show a dedication to longevity, ecological responsibility, and design flexibility.

Each line, from Vision’s high-end appeal to Vantage’s budget-friendly durability, delivers on the promise of exceptional outdoor living spaces.

MoistureShield Vision Collection

As the ultimate offering in MoistureShield’s product range, the Vision Collection combines superior protective features with contemporary looks for those who want a premium product. The exclusive DiamondDefense coating equips this line with unmatched resistance against scratches, stains, and fading.
The Vision Collection caters to those who prefer modern designs. Its color choices, such as Smokey Gray and Spanish Leather, can elevate the look of your deck.

The Vision Collection excels in longevity and quality, backed by a 50-year fade and stain warranty. It’s a durable, aesthetically pleasing choice that will serve you well for many years.

The Meridian Collection from MoistureShield offers a mid-tier range of decking products that are well-regarded for their impressive features. The distinct TruTexture surface technology lends the collection a real wood grain finish. The colors include Citadel, Shoreside, and Catalina.

The Meridian Collection’s minimal maintenance makes it practical for homeowners. The collection has a solid 50-year structural warranty and a 40-year fade/stain warranty, ensuring durability and long-lasting quality.

The Meridian Collection strikes a balance between an authentic wood look, durability, and value.

The Elevate Collection by MoistureShield is a top-notch introductory-level capped composite line. It features a protective cap that protects against impact, corrosion, and weather damage. This collection requires minimal upkeep and has a 50-year structural and 30-year fade/stain warranty. Color choices include Alpine Gray, Canoe, Lake Fog, and Riverbank.

The Vantage Collection from MoistureShield offers a unique, uncapped composite decking solution. This collection provides the ease of working with real wood while offering the durability of composite materials. Because of its distinctive manufacturing process, these solid decking boards can be ripped, routed, and bent, allowing for custom deck designs. Its versatility makes it perfect for curved decks and other specialized projects.

This decking solution requires minimal maintenance, making it a practical choice for those who want an enduring, attractive deck without constant upkeep. The Vantage Collection has a 50-year structural warranty.

MoistureShield composite decking products’ high durability, eye-catching appeal, and eco-friendly nature make them preferred, even in demanding installation situations. Contact us today to talk about your deck and deck accessories.