McDonaldsville’s Preferred Deck Building Services

Are you looking to upgrade your old, lackluster deck? Or perhaps you want to add a deck to your property for entertaining friends, family, and neighbors. Whatever your situation may be, you need a reputable deck builder in McDonaldsville, Ohio, who can create a deck that perfectly matches your style and requirements.

At Hen-House Decks, we believe that every household deserves a spacious deck. A home without a deck is like a hen house without laying boxes – it’s missing a fundamental aspect of its functionality. That’s why our experienced deck contractors specialize in designing and constructing high-quality decks with endless customization options. With our services, you can enjoy an outdoor living and entertaining space tailored to your needs.

Creative Craftsmanship and Durable Materials

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Most homeowners don’t want cookie-cutter deck designs. Each home has its own unique architectural design, and a one-size-fits-all approach won’t do. 

That’s why property owners in McDonaldsville, Ohio, prefer the talented deck designers at Hen-House Decks. Our exceptional deck design services allow you to choose from a wide array of colors, concepts, and materials. We offer options that best suit your aesthetic preferences and practical needs.

As an award-winning decking company recognized by NADRA, we dream big. We also understand the importance of local businesses in meeting your desires. That’s why we exclusively work with the finest composite materials and products from top brands like Trex, each offering numerous advantages:

  • Uncompromising durability
  • Little maintenance needed
  • Diverse colors and style options
  • Sustainable, recycled materials
  • Affordable pricing 
  • Resistance to termites, fading, and splintering

Discover how our services and top-quality decking products can enhance the value, functionality, and comfort of your property.

Our Comprehensive Deck Services in McDonaldsville

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At Hen-House Decks, our team specializes in designing the perfect deck and bringing it to life. Our experts offer comprehensive deck services that enhance various properties with matching outdoor structures. Our decks are built to withstand the elements for years while adding value, functionality, and style. Each deck builder in McDonaldsville, Ohio, provides our comprehensive services, including:

  • Custom deck design: We believe that every home improvement project deserves a personal touch. That’s why we’ll help you find a decking design that reflects your family’s personality, growth, and experiences through vibrant colors and unique structural options. We also construct decks that support modern features like lighting, outdoor kitchen appliances, and fun outdoor activities.
  • Deck resurfacing: Wooden decks look their best right after installation. If you want to maintain your old deck’s design while refreshing its appearance, we recommend our resurfacing services. Our team maximizes the reuse of materials by sanding and restaining them. With our expertise, your old deck will look as good as new.
  • Deck remodeling: If you want to keep most of your original deck design while expanding the surface area or adding new features, our deck remodeling services can help. We’ll discuss your preferences, incorporate them into a design, and provide a project itinerary and completion timeframe. This service revitalizes and enhances your existing deck design.
  • Dock and waterfront design: Waterfront properties are valuable assets, but building a dock requires specific skills, equipment, and materials. Choose from a diverse range of waterfront decking designs, including covered docks, crib docks, floating docks, and fixed docks. Epic fishing experiences await you.
  • Deck accessories: Put the finishing touches on your picture-perfect deck with our wide selection of accessories. Personalize your deck floor with deck tattoos. Enhance the ambiance with LED lighting. Ensure your family’s safety with deck railing. We offer endless possibilities to improve and accessorize your outdoor living space.

Our Deck Building Process

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As a leading custom deck-building company, our team at Hen-House Decks has perfected our service process through years of experience. We believe that every customer deserves a predictable, stress-free experience. To help you know what to expect from our deck builders, we have outlined our construction process below:

  • Contact us: Your first call kickstarts the process. You’ll provide a few basic contact details and book a consultation appointment. 
  • Initial consultation: Our company owner enjoys meeting customers face to face. We’ll answer any questions you have about our services and your project. You’ll learn more about our construction process, estimate details, and the project scope. 
  • Custom design development: We craft each deck with artistic touches to differentiate them from run-of-the-mill decking architecture. That means you can make your deck unique with customizations and details to set the design apart from others. You’ll work with our award-winning design team to perfect your deck plans. 
  • Deck construction: Once you feel satisfied with the design, we’ll break ground on the construction project. Using industry-leading products and equipment, our team crafts a deck that withstands the elements, wear, and tear for years. 
  • Enjoy!: Finally, our team cleans the construction site. You can enjoy countless sunrises and sunsets in your safe, personalized outdoor space.

Advantages of a Beautifully Crafted Deck

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How will you utilize your customized deck? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Create an accessible outdoor garden space for your favorite plants.
  • Entertain friends and family with cookouts and drinks.
  • Enjoy moments of solitude with comfortable outdoor meditation sessions.
  • Host elegant family dinners with atmospheric lighting and natural charm.
  • Provide a safe, enclosed outdoor space for your indoor pets.

There are endless ways to enjoy the peace, beauty, and added value that a customized deck brings, even in simple activities like sipping your morning coffee on a low-maintenance structure designed specifically for you and your family.

Why Your Property Needs Quality Decking

At Hen-House Decks, we don’t just build average decks. We create lasting experiences.

Your customized composite deck will withstand direct sunlight, rain, and wind without fading, splintering, or warping. Choose our team to create serene moments and vivid memories with our exceptional decks.

Schedule a Consultation with a Trusted Deck Builder in McDonaldsville, Ohio: Hen-House Decks

Your search for a custom deck builder in McDonaldsville, Ohio, ends with Hen-House Decks. Request a consultation and book an initial consultation with our team or call us. We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service. We can’t wait to break ground on your personalized dream deck.