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What Our Process Entails

– Reach out to our friendly, local team
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– We’ll inspect your property and create a custom deck design 
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Frequently Asked Questions

Hen-House Decks answers questions about their services, materials, and process.

At Hen-House Deck, we offer a range of custom deck and dock services. We build custom decks and composite decks, including Trex decking materials. We offer deck resurfacing and remodeling services. We also build pool decks and waterfront docks.

The cost of building a deck varies significantly based on factors including size, materials, design complexity, site conditions, and local regulations. Larger decks, complex designs, and challenging site conditions increase the cost due to the need for more materials and labor. Decking materials vary in price, with pressure-treated wood being the most affordable and composite decking and exotic hardwoods being more expensive. However, Hen-House Decks prioritizes high-quality, durable materials that offer long-term value despite higher upfront costs. The company also emphasizes that the cost of a deck should be viewed as an investment in enhancing outdoor living space and home value. For accurate project costs, Hen-House Decks recommends consultation with experienced deck builders, offering consultation s to assist homeowners.

It’s easy to get a consultation from Hen-House Decks. Contact us, provide some basic information, and we will set up an initial consultation to get the process started.

It’s not just a deck, it’s a Hen-House Deck

At Hen-House Decks, we don’t just build decks—we craft premium outdoor masterpieces. We’re dedicated to maximizing the durability and value of your deck, selecting top-tier materials that offer decades of beauty without maintenance. Every Hen-House Deck is a testament to custom craftsmanship, tailored to resonate with your home’s aesthetic and cater to your family’s distinct preferences.

Opting for a Hen-House Deck means you’re not just getting a deck, but a signature service and a distinguished outdoor haven, tailor-made for you. Choose the elite in deck construction by asking for a Hen-House Deck.