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Do you have a deck, but it’s looking a little bland or weathered? Are you concerned your deck is going to have to be completely ripped down and replaced? There’s a chance you won’t need to have the entire deck replaced! Over time decks will wear down, naturally, but with the right maintenance, their lifespan can be expanded. Unfortunately, even with regular maintenance, and regular traffic on the deck mixed with rain, snow, winds, and other elements, certain spots will wear out a lot quicker. If your deck is structurally sound, you might not need to have a brand new deck installed. Here’s what you need to know about redecking vs. replacing your deck.

What is Redecking?

Redecking works off the current structure of the deck from the posts in the ground to the main framework of the deck itself. Redecking used when you’re restoring or repainting the house and the current deck no longer fits the look. While repainting is an option the wear and tear still might show through with the paint. Another great thing about redecking is if you want to extend the deck out more adding more space for seats, the grill, and more.

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What are some benefits of redecking vs. replacing?

  • Depending on what you’re getting done often redecking will be less expensive than having a brand new deck installed.
  • Redecking takes less time to put back together because the structure is still intact.
  • Permits are not usually needed because the main deck structure is not changing.
  • If you’re part of an HOA, a full deck needs to be approved beforehand, which can take a while. Since nothing is changing structurally about the deck HOA usually approves the changes with redecking quickly or doesn’t need to be notified at all.
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Warranties on the workmanship and structural integrity can vary from company to company. It could be anywhere from a year, five years, 25 years, or ever a lifetime. Verify what the warranty is with your current deck whether it’s for just the structure or for the entire deck. Unless you’re working with the same company, redecking might not be covered under the warranty or it might void it out.

The existing structure of the deck is extremely important and dictates how the redecking will go. If the posts and the frame of the deck cannot hold up the new features, the entire deck will need to be replaced.
With redecking, you can expand in a small bit without adding in more support. Generally, you’re installing an updated version of the current deck. This means you’ll be working with the same exact space. If you want the shape of the deck changed or a larger expansion, redecking will not be the right option.

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