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Creating the perfect custom deck and outdoor living space requires a blend of creativity, functionality, and quality materials. At Hen-House Decks, our goal is to work closely with you so that we can bring your vision to life together. If you are unsure what kind of deck you want, check out these four modern multi-level deck designs and get inspired!

We recommend building composite decks due to their durability, beauty, and color and texture options. In addition to their durability and mimicking the look of wood, composite decks are low-maintenance structures.

We have partnered with MoistureShield decking and Trex decking, and when we discuss your project, we can discuss the specifics to see which product would be best for your home.

Here are just some of the inspirational decks and outdoor living projects the skilled team at Hen-House Decks has crafted. Let us know which one you like the best.

Multi-Level Deck Design 1

An Elevated, Elegant Escape

elaborate multi-level deck and patio with fire pit and outdoor furniture.

This modern multi-level deck design blends function with sophisticated style, creating luxurious outdoor living spaces. The spacious deck extends from the home, which is surrounded by greenery. This design connects the indoor and outdoor areas.

The upper-level, wraparound deck features stylish outdoor furniture, including a dining area and comfy seating. This is ideal for entertaining and relaxing. Ambient lighting along railings and under seating ensures the deck remains inviting after sunset, creating a warm atmosphere.

Below the main deck, a landscaped patio area offers additional seating, a fire pit, and an umbrella-shaded table, perfect for evening gatherings and outdoor dining. The patio’s design and the surrounding natural beauty provide a tranquil escape, enhancing the home’s overall appeal.

Large windows and exposed wooden beams in the house complement the deck’s design, creating a cohesive and inviting environment. This modern multi-level deck exemplifies luxurious outdoor living, combining comfort and style for relaxation and entertainment.

Multi-Level Deck Design 2

Sunset Paradise Patio & Deck

covered area and an outdoor kitchen and fire table.

This outdoor living space transforms into a stunning retreat at sunset, highlighted by a luxurious patio, a thatched-roof pavilion, and a multi-level deck. The pavilion is a centerpiece of functionality and elegance, featuring a full outdoor kitchen with a grill, countertop seating, and comfortable lounge furniture. This setup facilitates outdoor cooking and provides a relaxing spot, all under the charming thatched roof.

Adirondack chairs and wooden benches surround a beautifully crafted fire pit/table. This arrangement creates an inviting atmosphere for socializing and unwinding as the day fades into the night. Made of concrete, the patio area blends with the surrounding landscape, enhancing the overall appearance and providing a durable, attractive surface for outdoor activities.

The multi-level deck, extending gracefully from the house, adds an element of practicality and style to this outdoor living project. This deck is designed to maximize usability and visual appeal, offering ample space for entertainment and leisure. Its strategic placement and multi-tiered structure ensure that the deck complements the patio while providing distinct areas for various activities. It also provides additional usable space, where an outdoor living room sits below the deck.

The patio and the multi-level deck create a harmonious and elegant outdoor living area. This Sunset Paradise Patio & Deck exemplifies refined design and practical luxury, perfect for enjoying the beauty of the outdoors in style.

Multi-Level Deck Design 3

Curved Rustic Retreat

 curved multi-level deck with covered area and outdoor grilling station.

A beautifully designed, elevated, multi-level deck attached to the house showcases rich, multi-toned wooden flooring arranged in an intricate pattern, adding visual interest and sophistication to the outdoor space. One of the standout features is the covered deck area, complete with a gabled roof, providing ample shade and protection for the comfortable outdoor living room and dining area underneath.

The deck includes thoughtfully integrated elements such as built-in seating areas that offer convenience and style, railings that ensure safety without compromising the view, and planters that add a touch of greenery that helps create distinct areas, enhancing the deck’s aesthetic appeal.

The expansive view of the lush, green landscape in the background further amplifies this space’s serene and inviting atmosphere. This Curved Retreat Deck epitomizes a harmonious blend of design, functionality, and natural beauty, creating a perfect space for relaxation and enjoyment.

Multi-Level Deck Design 4

Cozy Corner Deck & Gazebo

 elevated deck, and gazebo.
The Cozy Corner Retreat is attached to a two-story house, which offers a charming outdoor living space for comfort and relaxation. The large wooden deck is the focal point, featuring comfortable seating around a welcoming fire pit. This setup invites gatherings and leisurely evenings under the stars.

Adjacent to the deck, a beautiful gazebo with a metal roof houses a dining area. This picturesque structure is adorned with hanging flower baskets, adding a touch of natural beauty and elegance to the space. The gazebo offers a sheltered spot for outdoor dining, enhancing the overall functionality and appeal of the retreat.

The upper level of the house includes a covered balcony, providing an additional outdoor space for relaxation and enjoyment. This balcony extends the living area, allowing for a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor environments.

A stone pathway winds through the lush greenery surrounding the deck, enhancing the cozy and inviting atmosphere. The natural elements and thoughtful design of the Cozy Corner Retreat create an idyllic setting perfect for relaxation and socializing, making it a treasured home extension.

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Are you looking to elevate your home’s outdoor environment? A multi-level deck offers so many opportunities to reimagine your space. These four modern-multi-level deck designs represent a small sampling of what our creative team at Hen-House Decks

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