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How many deck designs have you seen over the years? What is the one part of the deck itself that sticks out the most? We’re not talking about the extra add-ons like the outdoor seating or the outdoor kitchen. You’ve probably noticed the rails unconsciously the most. Even though the rails are one of the first areas seen on the deck, they’re often overlooked during the design process, or people stick to the basic design wooden rails. Show off your gorgeous style with equally as stunning deck rails metal, vinyl, cables, and even glass! Here are a few materials that will transform the space into something to make your friends and family envious.

Composite & Vinyl: Composite and vinyl are top on this list. This combination is extremely low maintenance and comes in a variety of styles and colors. It would be hard not to find something that doesn’t work with your overall design. The core of the rails is pressure-treated wood wrapped in composite, vinyl, or a combination of both. Some systems can mix and match materials to include aluminum and steel as well.

Glass: If you have a gorgeous view or just like the idea of having a more open deck, glass is the way to go. Each piece is separated by aluminum posts to give a sleek look. It’s recommended to get a tempered, shatterproof glass to avoid damage from accidental kicks. If you’re worried about birds accidentally flying into it, go for more tinted glass.

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Metal: These metal railings are made from powder-coated aluminum or steel. Both of these metals are rust-proof, so you don’t have to worry about rain or snow. Unfortunately, colors and styles are limited when it comes to metal railings. With that being said, what you can choose from can add an air of sophistication to the deck.

Cable Railings: Are you looking for something a little more modern? Stainless steel cable rails running between composite, aluminum, or wood posts can give your rails a unique style not seen in many places. It’s another excellent option for keeping the deck open to the view below.

Wood: Wood will always be the first choice when it comes to deck railings. Not only is it the obvious choice, because you’re still learning what’s out there, but it does look gorgeous with the rest of the deck. You can play around with styles and colors with ease for these railings. While it’s fun to play around with different designs, there’s nothing wrong with sticking with tradition.

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