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Elevate Your Backyard: Creative Composite Decking Ideas and Inspirations

Composite decking has changed the way we create outdoor living spaces. Composite deck boards combine wood fibers with plastics to create a durable, eco-friendly product that has influenced composite decking ideas.

MoistureShield is a top choice due to its durability against weather and dedication to being environmentally friendly. This decking option gives homeowners a space outdoors that is easy to take care of and still looks good.

MoistureShield uses a special mix of materials to make decks last long and promote green building methods.

Decking Design Trends

The outdoor design landscape constantly evolves, and composite decking is leading the way with its innovative styles for custom decks. Composite decking’s charm comes from its ability to stay fashionable while offering the chance to design unique outdoor areas that reflect individual tastes and preferences.

Photo of creative composite decking ideas, including curved deck, steps, and deck lighting.

Composite boards, like MoistureShield and Trex, offer homeowners various colors, textures, and patterns. This allows for a perfect mix of practicality and visual appeal.

  • Multi-Tonal Color Trends: One current trend is using multi-tonal color schemes, which add depth and intrigue to the deck’s appearance and make it a key point of visual interest. The design possibilities are endless, whether incorporating subtle earth tones or bold contrasts.
  • Inventive Patterns and Layouts: Instead of the conventional single-direction approach, professional deck builders like Hen-House Decks recommend complex patterns like herringbone, picture frames, and diagonal arrangements. These designs not only boost the aesthetic value of outdoor spaces but also show the adaptability of composite decking.

As composite materials advance, it opens the door to more imaginative and inspiring outdoor spaces for the future. Because you can access a diverse range of colors, textures, and patterns, it allows you to create outdoor areas that aren’t just extensions of your living space but are true expressions of your individuality.
When it comes to composite materials, we like MoistureShield at Hen-House Decks because its unique Solid Core technology encases each wood fiber in plastic, enabling installation in any environment, including underwater, without the risk of structural damage.

Creative Decking Patterns

Composite decking provides strength, eco-friendliness, and a platform for artistic and inventive designs. Composite decking requires minimal maintenance. MoistureShield and Trex offer a wide range of options, allowing homeowners to create detailed and striking patterns that enhance the look of their outdoor areas.

The choice of board sizes, colors, and placements offers endless design options, from the sophisticated herringbone to the neat picture frame styles. Here are some popular composite deck design patterns:

Photo of covered deck with deck board patterns, ceiling fan, outdoor fireplace, and outdoor furniture.
  • Herringbone Pattern: Boards are laid in a zig-zag pattern resembling a herringbone
    design, creating a visually striking and elegant look.
  • Chevron Pattern: Similar to herringbone but with boards meeting at a sharper angle to form a V or inverted V shape across the deck.
  • Diagonal Pattern: Boards are laid diagonally at a 45-degree angle instead of straight across, adding movement and dynamism.
  • Picture Frame Pattern: A border of boards is laid perpendicularly around the outer edges of the deck, framing the inner field of boards.
  • Pinstripe Pattern: Narrow and wide boards are alternated to create a striped effect.
  • Multi-Width Pattern: Combining different board widths (narrow, standard, wide) in an alternating or randomized layout.
  • Tile Pattern: The deck is divided into square or rectangular “tiles” with inlaid borders separating each section.
  • Basketweave Pattern: Perpendicular boards are woven in an over-under pattern, mimicking the look of a basketweave.

Creative Deck Inlays

Deck inlays are decorative elements inserted into the surface of a deck to enhance its visual appeal. They can be made from various materials such as wood, composite, stone, or metal and come in various designs and patterns. Deck inlays add a unique and creative touch to the deck’s overall appearance, making it stand out and adding a personalized touch to the outdoor space. Here are some deck inlay design considerations:

Photo of composite deck with deck inlays.
  • Compass Rose Inlay: A circular compass rose design inlaid into the decking using contrasting materials or colors.
  • Geometric Inlays: Inlaid shapes like squares, diamonds, and triangles are created with contrasting deck boards or materials.
  • Floral/Leaf Inlays: Curved, flowing designs resembling leaves, vines, or floral patterns inlaid into the deck.
  • Celtic Knot Inlays: Complex woven knot designs from Celtic art traditions inlaid into the decking.
    Contrasting Color Inlays: Use deck boards of contrasting colors to create patterns or designs inlaid into the main deck field.
  • Mixed Material Inlays: Inlays of different decking materials, such as wood, composite, metal, or stone tiles, are combined and inlaid into deck sections.

Composite Deck Accessories

When it comes to enhancing the functionality and aesthetics of your composite deck, the right deck accessories can make all the difference … and make it personal. Add your stamp on the designs with these accessories:

  • Deck Railing: Choose a deck railing to define the space securely and add a stylistic element. With options ranging from sleek, modern designs of powder-coated aluminum to traditional wood-like composites, the railing can dramatically impact the deck’s look and feel, ensuring safety while complementing the aesthetic of the outdoor living area.
  • Deck Lighting: Incorporate string lights or hanging lanterns for a whimsical touch, built-in deck lighting for seamless integration, and post cap lights to illuminate and accentuate the deck’s perimeter. Recessed and in-step lights are an elegant addition.
  • Shade Structures: Add pergolas for architectural interest and partial sun protection, umbrellas for flexible shading options, and shade sails for a modern, minimalist shade solution.
  • Outdoor Furniture: Arrange comfortable seating sets for relaxation, place outdoor rugs to define different areas, include coffee tables for convenience, and install drink rails or bar tops along railings for additional entertaining space.
  • Fire Features: Enhance the ambiance with fire pits or fireplaces for warmth and charm, and consider a pizza oven for an interactive cooking experience.
  • Planters and Greenery: Use potted plants and hanging baskets to add life and color, incorporate built-in planters for a cohesive look, and create privacy screens with evergreens for natural seclusion.
  • Built-in Seating: Integrate built-in seating to maximize space and create a cohesive look. This type of seating is practical for accommodating more guests and enhances the deck’s overall design by blending seamlessly with its structure and style.

When You Want a Composite Deck, You Want A Hen-House Deck

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