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String lights, pendants and other kinds of lighting can make your deck safer—and more stylish—when the sun goes down. Here’s some options for deck lighting and other outdoor lighting options.

Outdoor and Deck Lighting Options

When night falls, enjoying your outdoor space becomes more difficult – as is finding your way around the deck and property. Backyard lighting makes it easier to see the surroundings so parties can last longer with less hassle. Outdoor lighting help protect your property and keep everyone safer, but deck lighting also contributes to a stylish outdoor ambiance.

Deck Lighting

Maneuvering up or down stairs in the dark is a recipe for potential injury—adding integrated stair lighting makes after-dark time outdoors a whole lot safer. From under the step lights built-in to LED strip style, these under the step lighting options are great indoor for a modern touch as well as outside on your deck steps, seats, and other custom details. The experts from Hen House Decks can design and assemble your deck exactly the way you want!

Deck Lighting

String Lights

String lights or fairy lights aren’t just for the holiday season, dorm rooms, or kid’s treehouse. Hanging string lights across a roof or backyard is an easy way to create an ethereal and intimate backyard aesthetic. Whether you choose plug-in or battery-powered lights, these outdoor-safe lights can be strung above a dining table, across trellis and pergolas, or along the length of a fence to add a soft glow during an evening cookout, dinner party, or your own private film festival.

Solar Railing Lights

If you’re looking to add outdoor lighting that blends seamlessly into a deck’s design, fixtures that attach to the deck railing are a low-key way to go. Solar deck lighting has built-in solar panels that automatically turns on at dusk and off at dawn. These deck lighting options often come in a variety of colors, finishes, and styles to match perfectly with your deck’s aesthetic.

Solar Railing Lights

In-Floor Lights

If your deck doesn’t have any overhead covering to hang string lights, pendant lights, or a sconce, your lighting may have to come up from below. In-floor lights are mounted into the deck’s surface and are particularly useful on stairs or around the perimeter of the deck. Resembling some modern pool lights, in-floor lights are also a great way to highlight hardscaping and landscaping in your property.  Though their top function is to increase safety, we can’t say we don’t love having an after-dinner cocktail enveloped in their soft glow!