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Decks have a way of transforming a home. It’s a simple addition without affecting the rest of the house. With any renovation, safety codes and regulations are put in place for the safety of the homeowner and any guests they may have. While some of them don’t necessarily deal with life and death matters, they do help with overall safety. Here are a few your deck will have to meet.

  • Stairs: Stair railings need to be between 34 and 38 inches height. The treads must be at least 10 inches deep and can withstand at least 300 pounds of pressure. Each step can be no higher than 7 1/4 inches high.
  • Guardrails: The guardrail needs to be at least 36 inches above the deck level for residential decks. If the decks are under 30 inches high, a guardrail is not required. Benches are not a replacement for guardrails either. The guardrails must also withstand at least 200 pounds between each post.
  • Balusters: Each baluster can be no more than 4 inches apart. This space prevents children from sticking their heads through as well as preventing things from falling through. They must be able to sustain at least 125 pounds every 1-square-foot.
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