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One of the biggest downsides to outdoor living spaces in our area is the winter causing us to miss out on a few months of use! While most people will do what they can to protect their deck from the winter weather, which we discussed in our last blog, that’s about as much deck exposure they get during the colder seasons. But, what if we told you that you’re not forced to watch your empty deck sadly from the window. What if we told you that you CAN use your favorite outdoor area all year long? In this blog, we want to discuss how you can easily turn your sad winter deck into a winter haven. Here are four ways to use your deck even when snow is on the brink.

Add Heaters: There are several ways to heat up your deck even in the winter. You can have an electric heater installed that is weatherproof, an infrared lamp heater, or a portable fireplace/fire pit. Depending on how your deck is set up or where the heater is located, it can become a permanent fixture using electricity, natural gas, or propane to ignite.

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Enclose the Deck: Another way of utilizing your deck is to have it enclosed. This could mean transforming it into the full sunroom or simply making it a screen room. Other options would be patio and vinyl covers, canopies, and more. These give enough cover to help block out some of the weather and mixed with a heater, it creates a cozy environment.

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Get a Hot Tub: Hot tubs might be considered by some the ultimate deck accessory, and we have to agree. With the high temperature of a hot tub, it’s a refreshing feeling against the cold temperature of the night. As long as your deck can handle the weight of the hot tub you can enjoy your night lounging in the hot tub.

Decorating Your Deck: Adding some decor to the deck while you’re using it can help it feel homey instead of bare. One great way is to string lights along the entire deck or in sections to add to the ambiance. Make sure they’re weather-resistant, otherwise those lights will be short-lived.