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One way you can add a little ambiance to your outdoors is with outdoor lighting. Now, we don’t mean landscape lights around the area below your deck. We mean light actually on your deck and deck railings. It can be simply to illuminate the area for safety, or for aesthetic purposes. Whatever you’re looking to do with deck lighting, we can help you define your style and install the lighting for your areas. Here are some of our favorites.

  • Stair Lighting: This is probably one of the most popular lighting additions to have for your deck. It’s designed to illuminate the stairs as you’re walking up. Even if this is your only light source on your deck, it will make sure anyone using it won’t be injured.
  • Post Lighting: These lights are perfect for lighting up not only the steps but the handrails as well. It comes in several different materials and colors that blend in with the design of the original stair look.
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  • Rail Lighting: Rail lighting takes the post lighting to the next level. It’s placed underneath the entire railing or at least part of it. It can brighten up the entire deck, the stairs, or a combination of both.

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