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Close-up of a wooden deck railing with a blurred green landscape in the background.

When it comes to our work at Hen-House Decks, we understand there is more to the process than just your brand new deck. Regardless of whether your deck is elevated or on the ground, there is one thing we can assure: safety comes first. 

And with that in mind, one of the most effective ways to ensure that everyone is free from harm, we recommend implementing railings to your deck. This sturdy fixture will add a level of security to your deck without having to sacrifice on the overall aesthetic of it, too.

When you put emphasis on a railing, you can mitigate an array of accidents that could be prevalent with a deck. From a minor perspective, you are providing people with an object to grab onto so they can walk steadily whether up the stairs or around the deck. 

For larger scale issues, like inclement weather, the chances of slipping on an icy deck decrease when you have something to hold onto. And for decks a couple feet above the ground, you can rest easy knowing that the railing is there to protect people from falling off.

As we noted before, adding a railing system to your deck does not mean you have to go against the grain of your current aesthetic. What is great about a railing system is that they offer you the chance to be creative and add more uses to your deck. 

This versatile fixture provides your home with safety and flair. And when you work with Hen-House Decks, you can expect only the best when it comes to service and materials. Whatever your vision is, our team’s aim is to make it a reality. So when you are ready to add a better sense of safety to your deck, reach out to us via our contact page to get the ball rolling!