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Adding a deck, or even upgrading your existing deck is a big project. A lot of times when planning out your latest exterior venture, the question of price always comes to the table. This type of venture includes materials, time and labor, preparations, and more, which is a major factor in deciding what kind of deck you want to install, or how much of an upgrade you’re looking to achieve. Obviously, the cost can increase or decrease depending on the features included on the deck, but here’s a breakdown of where your money is going for the installation process.

The Size & Features: The size of the deck is going to play a huge role in how much you’ll be spending. This is the exciting part though! You get to explore what kind of deck you’re looking for, what size you need for your family, what features you want, and more. You can narrow down which features to love and how big you need to make it. A larger deck will cost more overall, but it does come down to the material you want your deck to be made out of.
Materials Used & Design: Did you know wood isn’t the only material you can use for decks? Wood is traditional and has a beautiful finish, but you can also choose from vinyl, composite, and even aluminum. You can even combine materials by having a wooden floor with vinyl rails. Do you want the boards to be straight across or do you want a patterned floor?

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The Foundation & Labor: This is the most important part of the deck that has to be included no matter what. The foundation is what keeps your deck secure to the ground and safely in the air. Depending on your area, there are certain codes you have to follow. Certain issues that need to be taken into account are removal of a previous deck, clearing the area to make room for the new deck, how many foundation posts are needed for the size of the deck, and more.

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Return on Investment: Are you planning on or open to the idea of selling your home in the future? Are you worried about the cost of the deck not being worth it if that happens? The great news is that decks are often seen as an added bonus on a house and in most cases, you can get back up to 80% of the cost for the deck. The size, design, materials, and overall maintenance of the deck can affect that price.

Future Costs: Now that the deck has been completed the only costs you’ll have to worry about are the upkeep and maintenance. Certain materials like wood will need to be resealed and repainted regularly. Other materials such as vinyl are more low-maintenance.