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2021 wrap up Hen-House Decks

Our 2021 Wrap-Up!

This year we were humbled to achieve the Trexpro Deck Builder award first-place prize in the under 500 square feet category photo competition! We were very busy working hard to be worthy of these awards. While everyone knows we’re expert deck builders, we also use quality Trex company rails indoors! They look great for a modern, creative look. Other projects we were excited to complete include giant monster decks, sharp Trex decks with built-in seating, our coastal style Rocky Harbor and coastal Bluff boarder decking, a bright and tall pine decking with Trex railing, and more!

Looking Forward To A Bright 2022

We hope that, while the pandemic will be a thing of the past with 2022 and we can all live happily and in good health, that the pandemic deck trend will continue. Our goal next year, just like all the years before, continue to provide our clients and community with our masterwork decks. We hope to have more opportunities to install moisture shield decks with cool Technology decks that make stepping outside in the hot summer like a cool breeze instead of running on coals!

From pool houses to actual lake-side decks, we’re incredibly thankful to our staff. It’s no lie that we’re always the first ones to give them a shout-out after every great project is completed with the proficiency that’s expected of us. We wouldn’t be a company without you! We are also thankful for our clients and partners who continue to trust us with their homes, their products, and their time. Our main priority is to guarantee you’ll be satisfied with your service at Hen-House Decks!