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When was the last time you did maintenance on your deck? Did you know that you can be doing a lot of damage to your deck by not taking care of it? You don’t need to be out every weekend cleaning the deck, but there are some tasks you have to do regularly to add longevity to your investment. When you neglect the basic maintenance of your deck, it could lead to a hefty repair bill later on that could have been avoided. Thankfully regular maintenance isn’t as complicated as some may think. It’s as simple as a quick inspection, sealing the deck, a yearly wash, and more. Here’s how you can save money and frustration now by keeping up with routine maintenance on your deck.

An Inspection: Walk around your deck and underneath your deck, if you can, and look for any issues. You’re looking for things like protruding nails, loose boards, rotting wood, and more. Basically, are there any spots that could cause an issue for you and your family.

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A Yearly Wash: Your deck is exposed to the elements every single day, with rain included. That exposure is exactly why your deck needs to be washed once a year. Dirt and debris can build up on the deck and even with sweeping, it can get caught in between the boards. When rain or any other moisture gets stuck along the boards it could cause wood rot, mold, mildew, and other issues that can severely damage the wood or even make your family sick. A yearly washing removes the dirt, debris, mold, mildew, and more from the deck.

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Applying Stain & Seal: Do you want to keep the natural look of the wood for longer? Applying a stain to your deck, even restaining your deck, can help protect the wood and keep it looking better, longer. Plus, that quick refresh might be all your deck needs to really liven up your exterior. For the best results, get a stain that soaks into the wood as opposed to one that sits on top. Also, make sure that it’s completely waterproof and, if possible, offer UV protection.  The seal is the last layer your deck will need for the best protection.