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If you saved up to have an illustrious deck added to your property, then you might as well choose to maintain it well all year long. The winter is extra damaging to your property and with the snow continuing to fall you need to know the best way to keep your investment in tip-top condition. If you are reading this blog, chances are you have a deck and are looking to protect it against winter weather as best you can. Here are some helpful tips!

Rock Salt –
Salt is a very dehydrating substance. Meaning it sucks the moisture out of just about anything it comes into contact with. Used in excess, this ice melter will wreak havoc on the wood & all metal hardware used in your deck’s construction, leaving the structure weakened and stained.
Sand –
Can be used for grip over icy surfaces, but because of its coarse properties, we do not recommend sand for your wooden deck. Sand can cause scratches and other surface damage. Not to mention sand gets everywhere.

Products with Dye –
Using an ice melting product with a brightly colored dye can really take its toll on your deck’s appearance. If your deck is a light color, you may see permanent damage done if you use the wrong product.
Magnesium chloride –
One of the safer choices in the ice melt industry. Used properly, magnesium chloride can be safe for your pet’s paws, your wooden or composite deck, & any other walkways.
Shoveling out the snow from the deck

Calcium Magnesium Acetate –
The most environmentally safe option, but is most effective in moderate temperatures. It is great at keeping melted snow from refreezing and causes minimal corrosion. If you live in a harsh climate, using this product with slight amounts of rock salt can yield quality results while minimizing damage.
We hope this blog was helpful and inspired you to find the right products for your personal ice melting needs! If you have other questions about proper deck maintenance, repairs, or installation, contact Hen House Decks ASAP! We are your go-to team of expert craftsmen offering expert design and installation services. Likewise, our team is the perfect choice for decks, front porches, deck roofs, railings, and more. By using only the top-tier brands on the market, we’re able to offer our customers excellent quality and workmanship. Check back soon for all the latest industry knowledge and updates!