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Are you worried about wasted space when it comes to your deck? We’re not talking on top where you spend the majority of your time, but rather down below, underneath your deck. When looking at a new installation, people often wonder what they can do with the space underneath the deck. Will it be tall enough for people to stand underneath it comfortably? Could it be a new storage spot? Is it just going to be wasted space? To answer these questions, we need to break down the type of decks you have attached to your home.

High decks

The higher decks are the best if you’re looking to utilize not only the top of the deck but underneath as well. The deck itself provides a convenient roof for the space below. It can be used as part of the outdoor living space extending the patio, a covered area for outdoor cooking, and more. You can even set up a swinging chair or a hammock using the poles from the deck!

Deck Railing

Low decks

Lower decks don’t allow you to walk comfortably underneath for an extended period of time. Depending on just how low to the ground they are, you might not even be able to fit underneath. If this is the case, have a weed barrier installed with some gravel, rocks, etc. and close the space up to prevent animals from getting inside. Decorate the form with a gorgeous landscape to brighten up the area! If your deck isn’t fully to the ground, then you can crawl or crouch under to use the space for storage. Depending on how big your deck is, you’ll have quite a bit of space to work with, which can open up your shed or garage for things you use regularly.

  • Keep in mind, what you store underneath the deck could be affected by the weather, specifically rain and snow. Water will still be able to get through the flooring of the deck. So, plan accordingly.

Extra tips

As with all outdoor spaces, the biggest issue is going to be controlling the weeds; especially if you have a lower deck. You need to take the regular precautions to make sure the weeds don’t get out of control. Animals might scope out the area wanting to create their new home. To prevent this, add a barrier, such as a tight lattice work, around the bottom of the deck, even if it’s used for storage. To have access to the storage area, install a latched door within your barrier. Everything will be protected, without the possibility of intruders.

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