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Finding the right decking contractor is every bit as important as using the right materials for your deck to last. Adding a deck to your home is no small decision and you want to make sure that it is done to the highest quality and for the right price. Here are a few factors to consider when choosing a decking contractor:


Knowing your budget upfront will be very helpful when shopping around for a contractor. You can easily eliminate the ones who are over budget right away and move forward with the ones who are willing to work with you to come up with a solution that will leave you satisfied and them fairly compensated.

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Bring Your Project To Life

Make sure you can see your vision before it is actually constructed. There are many software products out there that contractors can use to render your project before the building phase. Our advanced deck design software will provide you a comprehensive vision of what your finished deck will look like.


Word of mouth is one of the strongest methods of communication available, even with all of the technology these days. Asking a friend or family member for a recommendation is always a great option. If they don’t know someone, they probably know someone who knows someone. You can also search for reviews online on sites like Home Advisor and Google Reviews to see what other customers have said about different contractors.

Here at Hen House Decks, we make sure your needs are taken care of. Our professional team can help you from start to finish and ensure your dream deck comes to fruition. Give us a call to learn more or schedule your consultation today!