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During the pandemic, we all learned the true value of having a well designed and maintained outdoor space, but what deck trends await us now?

A Seamless Transition

Decking is often used to extend your homes’ reach on a property, developing and using available space for your comfort and this is especially true now. A trend that started becoming more popular in 2021, indoor-outdoor living has settled itself as the space-growing trend of the year. Small living rooms can be opened with a large entryway to the backyard, creating one fluid living space that allows you to enjoy the outside and inside without compromise.

Do you have richly designed hardwood floors in your home? Bring them outside with your deck design! Textured hardwoods are in vogue for interior design and with a singular, transitioning indoor-outdoor space there’s no reason for you to not mix up your decking design! The expert designers at Hen-House Decks use top-of-the-line software to plan out exactly what you want to guarantee you’re satisfied with your new decking and outdoor space, be it separate from your original space or as an entire, coherent design.

Light It Up

High-efficiency LED lighting was one of the most popular deck trends of 2021 and it continues to lead in popularity. Whether it’s strip lighting along the railing, stairs, or in creative spots that’ll highlight your decking masterpiece, proper lighting allows you to enjoy your time outside independent of the time of day or season. Outdoor lighting can highlight your home’s features, placed in strategic spots while creating an ambiance for any event – family movie night to a fancy soirée.

deck lighting with gazebos

Sustainable Materials

For clients that are more environmentally conscious, there are many options to lower their carbon footprint. Firstly, search for sustainable woods for your beautiful deck by certified manufacturers committed to sustainable planting. To lower logistic-related emissions, always shop for domestic wood selections like oak, maple, redwood, cedar, and more – the more local the better. Another great option is Trex brand composite decking boasting high performance, sustainable manufacturing with 95% recycled post-consumer plastic and sawdust, high maintenance benefits, and long-lasting quality.

Not into wood? Aluminum is a great deck material that is easily recyclable and can be finished to resemble wood as well. Vinyl or plastic is also a viable option, but be mindful of the manufacturers you choose. There’s a fine balance between environmentally responsible and quality materials!