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If you’re looking to upgrade your dock or enhance your waterfront property, you’re in the right place. This blog post explores various features and accessories that can protect your boat or turn your dock into a versatile and inviting entertainment area. Get ready to take your waterfront experience to the next level!

1. Boat Lifts or Jet Ski Lifts

Own a boat? Installing boat or jet ski lifts is a smart way to protect and maintain your watercraft. These lifts elevate boats and jet skis out of the water when not in use, reducing wear from waves and preventing damage. They make launching and docking quick and effortless, enhancing your boating experience. Boat and jet ski lifts also save space around the dock and keep the waterfront tidy.

2. Get a Covered Dock


One of the advantages of a covered dock is that it protects your boat against sun damage and wear from rain and hail. The cover helps maintain the boat’s condition and offers a more comfortable experience during loading and unloading, especially in harsh weather.

Beyond boat protection, covered docks can be designed to offer a shaded retreat for you and your guests. They can be comfortable lounging areas for relaxation and entertainment, with rain protection and the option of added features like overhead lighting.

3. Built-in Benches: An Efficient Way to Add Seating

Built-in benches are an efficient and elegant solution for adding seating to your dock. Unlike standalone chairs, built-in benches are integrated into the dock’s structure, which means they’re always available and won’t get moved or lost. This makes them safer, especially in wet conditions, as they’re less likely to tip or slide on the dock surface.

Moreover, built-in benches utilize space more efficiently. Rather than crowding the dock with separate chairs, they help maintain an open, uncluttered area.

4. Use Built-in Benches as Storage Areas

Additionally, built-in benches can double as storage spaces. This allows for convenient storage of items such as life jackets or fishing gear, keeping the area neat and organized. By integrating storage into seating, you maximize the functionality of your dock while maintaining an uncluttered, attractive appearance.

5. Add Ladders for Easy Access to The Water

Installing ladders on your dock is a great way to enhance safety and accessibility. Ladders provide easy and safe access to the water, making it simpler for swimmers to get in and out, especially in deeper waters. They enhance safety and the enjoyment of water activities, encouraging more frequent swims and aquatic fun. 

6. Railings for Safety

Railings offer a sturdy grip and a protective barrier. They can prevent accidental slips or falls into the water, making the dock safer for everyone. This is especially important if you have children, elderly family members, or guests who are not strong swimmers. Knowing your dock is safer with railings may allow for a more relaxed, enjoyable experience. 

Railings also contribute to your dock’s overall aesthetic, with various styles available to suit your taste. Consider railings an investment in your dock’s safety and visual appeal. An experienced custom dock contractor can guide you through the options, ensuring your railings meet safety standards and reflect your style.

7. Install a Jump Board

Installing a jump board is a fantastic idea for homeowners looking to add excitement to their waterfront. It brings an element of fun and adventure right to your dock. This addition will make your dock a favorite spot for family and friends.

Safety and appropriate installation should be a top priority when considering a jumpboard. Ensure it’s properly installed and used under appropriate water conditions and depths. 

8. Underwater Lights for a Stunning Visual Effect

Installing underwater lights is an effective way to elevate the beauty and enjoyment of your waterfront property. These lights create an enchanting ambiance, illuminating the water in a variety of colors and patterns. 

They’re not just about aesthetics; underwater lights can also enhance safety by improving visibility during nighttime swims or boat landings. Furthermore, they can attract marine life, offering a unique underwater show right at your dock.


Enhancing your dock with these innovative features and accessories is a strategic investment in your waterfront property’s functionality, safety, and enjoyment. Working with a reputable dock contractor is essential to ensure proper installation and maximize the potential of your space.

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