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If there is one thing we know best at Hen-House Decks, it is the value of our namesake. Having a deck might not be an essential for your home, but the benefits are hard to ignore. Here are just five reasons why you should own a deck.

More Entertainment Opportunities

In the midst of the pandemic, being with friends and family whenever possible is ideal. By adding a deck to your home, you are able to entertain more guests during those warm summer months. Whether it be birthday parties or barbecues, a deck is the base for those functions and provides everyone a space to lounge out and enjoy each other’s company.

Adds Square Footage

This goes hand-in-hand with the first reason. If you want to have more events at your home, you are going to need room to do so. A deck serves as an extension of your house and allows your guests to not feel like they are on top of one another. After all, the last thing you want during July is a lack of arm space. This also allows you to put grills, tables, & other fixtures that make parties, well, parties. And when the party is over, you have a space to relax and enjoy the summer nights.

Trex Railings

Aesthetically Pleasing

And we are not just talking about the deck itself. The aforementioned extra space allows for clutter and items that typically are scattered around your house can be placed on a deck now. So not only will your home start to look nicer, you also have a beautiful deck with an array of design choices to go along with your home’s initial aesthetic.

Plenty of Options for Customization

While the options for your deck’s design have plenty of potential, the uses for it are just as high, if not more so. Beyond having parties and relaxing, you can treat your deck as the platform for any ventures and projects you have for your home’s future.

Increases Home Value

Not only is a deck a cheaper option than a full blown addition and a relatively easy process to complete, but it will boost your home’s value for the future. It is a great investment for the past, present, & future for your home and your family. From the memories you will create, the ones you will create, and those you will experience if you ever move on from your home, a deck is about as good of an asset as you can find.

Want to start your design? Get in touch with Hen-House Decks via our contact page and we can start the process of a project you will not regret!